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All of what I did so far, were the very first steps on a long path.
(Pablo Picasso at the age of 91 years)

It is never too late to step out of your skin and find a new way and new directions in life.

Did you know already as a little girl that you wanted to become a prima ballerina ?
If so; you belong to the happy few, who were from early on guided by their passion in achieving a dream.

Most of the people follow a path which is influenced by the expectations of others.
With growing up they loose the power of their own convictions and visions and may act in a play that is not even written for them. You feel a change is needed.
You are asking yourself, who am I, where do I want to go, what am I aiming for?

You would like to realize your potential, your visions, you may want to develop first ideas but you don't really know where and how to start. You would like a deeper understanding about the life you would like to live in.

Each life-cycle has its own special meaning. You just need to recognize it and use its full potential.

WE-MOTION has been designed by Friederike Sommer to support people who feel the need to discover their individual path and enhance their potential, people who take challenges as a chance and who want to reconnect with their inherent source of power.

"we-motion" a compass for people wanting to expand their capabilities:

- Where am I in this moment of life?
- What is my source of strength?
- What are my talents and resources?
- Which short, middle and long term initiatives do I need to define for a higher quality of life.

Friederike Sommer and her team do have enormous resources and experiences in the areas of personal development and individual coaching. The network that they have developed in this area and over the last 35 years mirrors the profound resources that our clients can now take advantage of.

Life is always evolving - you and your movement is precious and unique.
How can we motion support and accompany you in the right way and with the right tools.

we-motion is your personal travel agent for the inner journey!

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